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Pastries & Cakes

Making chocolate sponge and vanilla sponge and making the chocolate ganache.(fresh pineapple and Belgian chocolate cake)

07 Sep 2019

Finishing of chocolate truffle cake & exotic fresh fruit cake frosting, decorating & chocolate garnishes.

09 Sep 2019

Cookies & Tea Time

Banana and jaggery, honey and dry apricot, mini muffins.

14 Sep 2019

Oatmeal cookies, cumin &whole wheat cookies &crunchy coconut cookies.

15 Sep 2019


Hazelnut Twist Bread, Cheese And Pesto Spinwheel, Garlic And Dry Herbs.

21 Sep 2019

Whole Wheat Burger Buns, Assorted Dinner Rolls, Mix Grain Loaf.

22 Sep 2019

Chocolate Making

Chocolate handling technique 3 varieties chocolate bonbon

28 Sep 2019

3 varieties of handmade truffles.

29 Sep 2019

Savory & Snacks

Making of pastry dough, making the shortcrust dough, fresh corn leeks &cream cheese banquettes.

05 Oct 2019

Stuffed cottage cheese with green peas puff, mini pesto palmers and herbs cheese twists.

06 Oct 2019


Slow Baked Cake(Flourless), Mississippi Mud Pie, Tiramisu Jar

12 Oct 2019

Macaroon, lemon art, and chocolate tart.

13 Oct 2019

Full Program Fee
Single Module Fee2720
Single Class Fee1600

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