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Bakery & Pastry Mar 2020/1 Month

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Join hobby chef 1 month bakery and pastry arts course to learn the fundamentals of Baking, Pastry, and Chocolates to develop your basic skills and knowledge from our expert chefs.

This 1 month baking course is specially crafted in order to cover the basic aspects of home baking with extensive hands-on training and culinary science behind every dish which you prepare.

Bakery and pastry arts course could be an ideal choice for all future Bakers who have passion and interest in cooking and baking. This bakery course designed to provide maximum knowledge and skill required in modern baking to beginners, bakers, and entrepreneurs.

2:30 Pm to 5:30Pm
Full Program Fees

Half Program Fees
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Cheese& cilantro Dinner roll , masala soft roll and garlic baguette

16 Mar 2020

Italian rosemary Focaccia, thin crust jalapenoMexican pizza ,healthy lentil bread

18 Mar 2020

Tea Time Treats

Rhubarb & berry streusel cake, banana & orange bread, chilly chicken sausage hot dog bun

20 Mar 2020

Thyme & pepper roasted Vegetable Quiche, cheesy chicken empanadas, sweet& saltyparmesan cookie

23 Mar 2020

Entremets & Chocolate Sculptures

orange cake with raspberry fruit jelly,jelly preparation& finished with colour spray

25 Mar 2020

3c (chocolate ,coconut & coffee) cake , coffee glazed , coconut dacquoise sponge & mousse preparation

27 Mar 2020

Finishing of 3c cake, Chocolate sculpture component making

30 Mar 2020

Assembling of chocolate sculpture & final finishing

01 Apr 2020


Beetroot & plain Croissant dough preparation & almond cream

03 Apr 2020

Lamination, almond croissant, cheddar cheese chicken Croissant

06 Apr 2020

Pre Plated Desserts

White chocolate mousse & Philadelphia cheese bake cake

08 Apr 2020

Imploding Milk chocolate & lavender heart cake & chocolate sauce preparation

10 Apr 2020

2:30 Pm to 5:30Pm

Full Program Fee18000
Half Program Fees 0
Single Class Fee2000

Note or Terms

Location : 39, Hauz Khas Village, IICA, – Delhi
Timings : 02:30pm till 5:30pm
Mode of Learning : Hands On
Fee: Rs. 18,000/- for the complete program OR Rs. 3400/- for 1 module OR Rs. 2000/- for any one class
To enroll please call us/ Toll Free :- 1800-843-2433
Whatsapp +91 8447728601

  • Hands on Classes
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Take what you make ‘home’
  • Printed Recipes provided at the beginning of the class

Please Note :-
All cheque(s) to be made in favor of Datta Hospitality Management Support Services Pvt. Ltd
All fees are subject to 18% GST
100% fees must be submitted to secure a seat in any of the programs
Fees is non-refundable
IICA reserves the right to change any menu/ menu item without prior notice
All students are required to carry one apron & two kitchen dusters with them during any class
Classes missed shall not be repeated

How do I become hobby chef?

Our institute provides short term courses, which will surely help you to gain knowledge regarding Hobby chef world cuisine and bakery.

I want to learn food only for hobby. Would part-time suit me?

You are right. Weekend or Part-Time course is meant for people who want to learn it for hobby or for working professionals who do not have time to pursue our Full-Time Course.

How much does it cost?

It will cost you Rs.7200/- for the complete program or Rs.2720/- for two classes or Rs.1600/- per class.  All fees are subject to 18% GST.

I do not know anything about food or baking. Can I take admission?

Absolutely. We expect our students to be raw with no knowledge of food/ baking. We start from the basic and no prior knowledge in food or Baking is required.

How many students are there in one batch?

We enroll minimum 5 students for the hobby chef program. Maximum it can be 7 or 10. It’s totally hands-on experience for all the students.

When is the best time to join?

Usually every 15 days we start a new hobby chef world cuisine program but it’s a cyclic mode you can start this program any time.

What all do we learn in this program?

Hobby chef world cuisine provides you wide range of cuisines. You will learn various International and Indian cuisine.

Does hobby chef program has any professional value?

It will give you understanding of basic learning. You can make food for your friends and family. But it doesn’t have any professional value.

Do you provide pure vegetarian menu in hobby chef world cuisine?

You can take customise classes if you have anything specific things to learn. It’s a private one on one class.

Do you give any certificate for these hobby chef classes?

Yes. IICA certificate will be provided to student after completion of their course.

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