Cookery Skill Test

International Placement Services (in short ZAV). Villemombler Strasse 76, 53123 Bonn, Germany

Terms & Conditions: Cooking Test & ZAV Application Procedure


Minimum Age

  • Minimum age to qualify for the cooking skill test is 26 years.

Test Fee (With effect from 1st January 2014)

  • Culinary Skill Test    = 250 Euros
  • Documentation (ZAV)     = 125 Euros
  • Food Hygiene Course    = 100 Euros

  Total = 475 Euros (Four Hundered and Seventy Five Euros Only)

  • All payments are accepted in the form of Demand Drafts only, made in favour of “Datta Hospitality Management support Services Pvt.Ltd.”, Green Park, New Delhi.
  • The above mentioned registration fee is non-refundable and is valid for a single practical test, on the date & time specified, irrespective of the result. In case a candidate fails to take the test on specified date, he shall be declared FAIL and hence no refund shall be due to him.
  • However, if a candidate informs the Institute of his inability to take the test at least 36 hours in advance of the due time, Rs.6, 000/ shall be deducted from the fees paid as cancellation charges. The candidate can reschedule the test for alternate date (as available) after paying the full fees.

Other Charges

  • Re-Issue of Certificates     = 25 Euros 
    (in case of change of sponsorship) 
  • Re-Issue of ZAV = 100 Euros

General Terms and Conditions

  • All candidates appearing for the cooking test are required to carry their own clean & proper kitchen uniform which includes Chef Coat, Chef Pants, Chef Cap, Scarf, Apron, two clean dusters and black shoes. They are expected to carry their own set of Kitchen Knives. IICA is not liable to provide these items and shall not entertain such candidates who do not carry the above mentioned items for their practical test.
  • Punctuality is regarded highly by IICA and anyone failing to report at the specified time will not be permitted to take the cooking test and the fee paid shall be forfeited.
  • IICA reserves the right to provide a set of menus for the cooking test, from which the candidates can choose and prepare the food.
  • IICA shall provide proper equipment, utensils and various ingredients required for a smooth conduct of the cooking test.
  • The candidates shall prepare two portions of each of the chosen menu items.
  • The test shall be of 4 hrs. Duration as per the date and time specified.
  • The candidates shall be judged on the bases of their cooking skills, waste minimization, taste and presentation of the food, cleanliness & hygiene at work area.
  • Discipline and Integrity are very important virtues duly respected by IICA and anyone attempting to breach these values by trying to influence IICA personnel by any means or in any way shall be dealt with strictly with advice to the concerned authorities at Federal bureau of employment, Germany
  • IICA has been authorized by the German Federal Employment Agency to conduct the cooking test and offer assistance in the filling of ZAV application and forward the result of the same to the concerned authorities.
  • The granting or rejection of the visa is solely under the purview of the German Embassy and IICA has no involvement with respect to the same.
  • The chairman, IICA reserves all the rights with regard to the conduct of the cooking test.
  • The Chairman, IICA decision shall be considered as final and binding on all candidates.
  • All fees mentioned above is subject to Service Tax. 
  • All fees must be paid in INR.

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