The celebration of joy, the experience of many firsts, the happiness of all good things in life starts with simple pleasures.

The celebration of joy, the experience of many firsts, the happiness of all good things in life starts with simple pleasures. 20 Jul 2022

On World Chocolate Day - IICA Students, Faculty, and Management come together to spread the love of chocolates.

On 7th July 2022, International Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi along with the entire community of chefs and chocolate lovers across the world celebrated world chocolate day. However this occasion was no ordinary day in the IICA Kitchens and classrooms; as IICA brought the celebrations to its newest friends at “The Blind Relief Association, Delhi” where the Founder of the institute and veteran Chef, Mr. Virender Singh Datta along with Mr. Arjun Singh Datta, (ManagingDirector & COO, IICA), bakery and pastry students & faculty came together to make & distribute over250 pieces of chocolate brownies, especially for the students of the Blind School, New Delhi.

Mr. David Absalom, Deputy Executive Secretary (Operations) at the Blind Relief Association, Delhi welcomed and introduced the entire blind school, briefing about the various interesting activities and achievements of the school.

Chef Virender Singh Datta in the event said: “IICA is proud to have visited Blind Relief Association, Delhi and will look forward to celebrating more such days with the association and gathering fruitful moments both for students and IICA family”. Brownies were specially coated with sprinkles and chocolate so that the student not only get to eat the brownie but also to dwell in the deep enriching flavor of chocolate.

Mr. Arjun Singh Datta spoke to students at the blind school about the celebrations and importance of chocolate Day.

It was indeed a great learning and an emotional moment for all of us as it was only heard till now how difficult life could be for the differently abled and in the continuous pursuit of " corporate social responsibility" IICA celebrated World Chocolate Day in a special new way.

The students at the blind school were so happy and energetic that we felt so welcomed and glad to be their new friends. Mr. David in a conversation said, “The primary objective of the founders was education, skilling, and services.” This was clearly seen in students at the blind school as they were actively taking part in the whole event and were seen doing interesting activities such as hand-crafted bags, candle making, creative paper art like envelopes, paper containers, and many more.

IICA student of Diploma in Bakery & Patisserie (1st Year Student), Ms. Saria Sridhar in a statement shares her experience as she said, “It was an inspiration and motivation as the students at the blind school were so happy in living their life which made me realize to always live life with a positive mindset and to always move forward in life”.

We thank the entire team of management, faculty, and students of the Blind School New Delhi for hosting us, and giving our faculty and students the opportunity of sharing knowledge and building happiness.

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