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Order Online Heartshape Cake in Gurgaon

A wedding is one of the most special occasions of a person’s life. And a designer wedding cake is one of the most important elements of a successful and well-planned wedding.

Chefiica , makers of best cakes in Gurgaon, believe that precise planning and proactivity can help you in getting one of the best designer wedding cakes right in your budget.

Some factors that you need to consider while buying a wedding cake are discussed below.
  • The shape of the wedding cake! According to experts of cake design in Gurgaon, the goodness of a wedding cake begins with its shape. Tier cake, heart shape cake, flower ornamented cake, etc. are some of the traditional cake shapes. The couples also get their cakes customized with a shape reflecting their personalities, love story, or something they love doing together like some sports or a hobby.
  • Ingredient of the cake! According to cake shops in Gurgaon , ingredients are something that should be selected beforehand. Depending on the size of your gathering, you should select ingredients from popular choices available with the baker. It is also advisable to avoid ingredients to which people are usually allergic to.
  • Size of the cake! According to bakers making designer cakes in Gurgaon, thesize of the cake will completely depend on the size of the gathering. Your cake should be big enough to offer a sufficient portion to each guest present at the wedding.
  • Creativity! Experts of customized cakes in Gurgaon believe that creativity is something that will make your wedding cake memorable. Since wedding cakes are expensive, it is wise to invest in a cake that is not only creative but reflects some or the other aspect of a couple’s life. Such customized designer wedding cakes add to the charm of the entire wedding celebration.

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