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Benefits on IICA Online Classes-

  • Live Demonstration of Recipe by a Professional Chef
  • Digital Certificate of Participation from IICA
  • Recipe card to be shared by the Faculty 1 day prior to the class.
  • A Video Recording of the class for the student which will help him/her in future.
  • Freedom to learn from home
  • Post Session Q & A

Terms & Conditions-

  • Fees are not refundable
  • Offer valid after making the full payment only.
  • Limited inventory available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • 18% GST Extra.

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3:00Pm - 4:30pm
Full Program Fees
Only 6 Classes Fees
Healthy multi seeds protein bar topped with mango cheese cake

₹ 1000

Handmade chocolate truffles (coconut, coffee, lemon)

₹ 1000

Classic chocolate doughnut and fruit preserve filled Berliner

₹ 1000

Mango and cherry pavlova, fresh fruit tart

₹ 1000

Cheesy bread stick, olive and cranberry crusty bread (both bread made with sourdough)

₹ 1000

Homemade orange marmalade, Candied orange cake

₹ 1000

Fresh rosemary, oregano and butter roasted chicken quiche, cherry & orange almond financier

₹ 1000

Devil's food cake pudding in jar with coffee and hazelnut ganache and lemon tea creme Chantilly

₹ 1000

Triple chocolate mousse in jar with coconut macaroon crunch

₹ 1000

Puff dough making , cottage cheese and bell pepper filling preparation , veg turnover

₹ 1000

Cheese straw , mushroom, corn & cheese vol au vent, orange and blueberry Madeline

₹ 1000

Pain au noix , garlic baguette

₹ 1000

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