Bakery & Pastry – 3 Months Certified Program (Feb-May 2020)

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Learn the Fundamentals of Baking, Pastry, and Chocolates to develop your basic skills and knowledge from our expert chefs.

This 3 month bakery certification course is specially crafted in order to cover the basic aspects of home baking with extensive hands-on training and culinary science behind every dish which you prepare.

Our certified baking and pastry certificate program could be an ideal choice for all future Bakers who have a passion for baking but due to the busy life of the modern era are not able to join Full-time culinary arts courses; one can join our hobby chef short term course to enhance the cooking and baking skills. This certificate course in bakery and confectionery help you start your own setup of bakery and you will also learn professional techniques of baking and pastry arts.

2 Pm to 5.00 Pm
Full Program Fees
7200025% Off

Download Program Details **18% GST Applicable on amount


Dinner roll, pain aux olive and Pizza Base

20 Feb 2020

Italian Focaccia Veg Filling, Potato rosemary spiced bread

22 Feb 2020

Achari bread, multigrain roll, savoury tart

25 Feb 2020

Bread stick , lavash, madeleines

27 Feb 2020

Tea Time Treats

Lemon Tea cake, short crust dough & making of tarts shells

29 Feb 2020

Fruit tart, pastry cream, parmesan cookie

03 Mar 2020

Spiced Chicken Quiche , masala roll ,pita bread

05 Mar 2020

Pate de fruit , scones , jam making

07 Mar 2020

Cookies & Kids Menu

Chocolate cookie , cup cakes , tea cake

10 Mar 2020

Peanut butter cookie , jubjubes , chocolate muffins

12 Mar 2020

Vanilla bar , banana walnut bread , crepe suzette

14 Mar 2020

Coffee & black currant cookie, waffle , hot dog bun

17 Mar 2020

Meringue, pavlova & macroons

19 Mar 2020

Macroons filling , pavlova finishing

21 Mar 2020


Cinnamon sugar & savoury Doughnuts, English muffin

24 Mar 2020

Pastry dough making, custard cream ,lemon curd

26 Mar 2020

lamination , Almond cream , cinnamon roll

28 Mar 2020

Croissant , danish & pain au chocolate

31 Mar 2020

Desserts & Pastries

Short crust pastry dough making , lemon tart , chocolate tart

02 Apr 2020

Choux pastry dough , chocolate éclairs , churros

04 Apr 2020

Puff pastry dough making , lamination , pastry cream

07 Apr 2020

Mille feuille , apple struddle , puff danish(sugar free)

09 Apr 2020

Crème brulee , bake yoghurt , pineapple upside down cake

11 Apr 2020

Mango basil mousse , strawberry bake cheese cake & garnishing

14 Apr 2020

Chocolate warm cake , chilled berry cheese pastry & ganrnishing

16 Apr 2020

Brownie , chocolate sauce & frangipane

18 Apr 2020

Cakes & Gateaux

Victoria sponge , pineapple cake making & decoration

21 Apr 2020

Chocolate sponge ,black forest cake & chocolate ganache

23 Apr 2020

Chocolate pastry , chocolate glaze & garnishing

25 Apr 2020

Fresh fruit gateaux & blueberry gateaux

28 Apr 2020

Hamper Product Making

Granola bar ,chocolate caramal bars

30 Apr 2020

Cake pops , truffle balls, frosted nuts

02 May 2020

Rochers , salted caramal toffee

05 May 2020

mendiant chocolate, chocolate pralines

07 May 2020

Nankhatai & chocolate bark

09 May 2020

Chocolate pretzel , chocolate & tutty fruity stick

12 May 2020

2 Pm to 5.00 Pm

Full Program Fee54000
Single Class Fee2000

Note or Terms

Please Note:-

All cheque(s) to be made in favor of Datta Hospitality Management Support Services Pvt. Ltd

All fees are subject to 18% GST

Fees are non-refundable

100% fees must be submitted to secure a seat in any of the programs

IICA reserves the right to change any menu/ menu item without prior notice

All students are required to carry one apron & two kitchen dusters with them during any class

Classes missed shall not be repeated

To enroll please call us/ WhatsApp on 7678631598

How do I become hobby chef?

Our institute provides short term courses, which will surely help you to gain knowledge regarding Hobby chef world cuisine and bakery.

I want to learn bakery only for hobby. Would part-time suit me?

You are right. Weekend or Part-Time course is meant for people who want to learn it for hobby or for working professionals who do not have time to pursue our Full-Time Course.

How much does it cost?

It will cost you Rs.43200/- for the complete program or Rs.2720/- for two classes or Rs.1600/- per class.  All fees are subject to 18% GST.

I do not know anything about food or baking. Can I take admission?

Absolutely. We expect our students to be raw with no knowledge of food/ baking. We start from the basic and no prior knowledge in food or Baking is required.

How many students are there in one batch?

We enroll minimum 5 students for the hobby chef program. Maximum it can be 7 or 10. It’s totally hands-on experience for all the students.

When is the best time to join?

Usually every 30 days we start a new hobby chef bakery program but it’s a cyclic mode you can start this program any time.

What all do we learn in this program?

Hobby chef bakery program provides you wide range of bakery and pastry hands-on experience. You will learn various modules of bakery like Cakes and pastry, breads, Tea time snacks, party snacks, and advance and plated dessert.

Does hobby chef program has any professional value?

It will give you understanding of basic learning. You can make food for your friends and family. But it doesn’t have any professional value.

Do you provide eggless baking in hobby chef?

We will give you substitutes and alternative for the selected recipes so that you can try it home. Only 30-40% of recipes have substitutes.

Can I arrange classes as per my requirement?

You can take customise classes if you have anything specific things to learn. It’s a private one on one class.

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