Bakery & Pastry - August

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We recommend all students participating in this program participate in a hands-on manner wherein our chef faculty help you step by step learning. Should you feel you wish to learn only via demonstration by the chef, please feel free to let us know and we will take note of it.

Benefits on IICA Online Classes-

  • Live Demonstration of Recipe by a Professional Chef whom you can cook-along with thus making the class a hands-on class.
  • Digital Certificate of Participation from IICA
  • Recipe card to be shared by the Faculty 1 day prior to the class.
  • A Video Recording of the class for the student which will help him/her in future.
  • Freedom to learn from home
  • Post Session Q & A.
03:30 pm - 05:30 pm
Full Program Fees
1200020% Off

Only 6 Classes Fees
6000 10% Off
Download Program Details **18% GST Applicable on amount


Lavash ,Dinner roll & nutella bread

04 Aug 2020

Mango and cranberry entremets, , milk chocolate with hazelnut praline mousse (hazelnut praline)

17 Aug 2020

Presentation of mango cranberry entremets and milk chocolate withhazelnut praline mousse ( almond sable) and garnishes

19 Aug 2020


Grissini, flax seed Ciabatta&English muffin

21 Aug 2020

Coffee flavored sweet roll, fruit filled bun & compote for bun

24 Aug 2020

Danish dough preparation & lamination , cinnamon banana flavored bun

26 Aug 2020

Fresh fruit Danish, blueberry cruffin and

28 Aug 2020

Date & nut bread , carrot cake

31 Aug 2020

Tea time

Jasmine tea chocolate enrobed, orange and rosemary bonbon

02 Sep 2020

Chicken mince with Indian seasoning quiche & puff dough, lamination

04 Sep 2020

Farm fresh vegetable Puff, exotic vegetable pizza & veg jalousie in puff pastry

07 Sep 2020

Macaroon, cheese cake brownie

09 Sep 2020

03:30 pm - 05:30 pm

Full Program Fee9600
Only 6 Classes Fees 5400
Single Class Fee1000

Note or Terms

Rs. 9600/- for the full the program (12 Classes)
Rs. 5400/- for any 6 classes
Rs. 1000/- for one class

3 program Subscription-
Pay Rs. 25, 920 /- for 3 program(save 10%) for 3 Hobby Chef World Cuisine Programs (36 Classes), valid for 4 months

Terms & Conditions

  • Fees are not refundable
  • Offer valid after making the full payment only.
  • Limited inventory available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • 18% GST Extra.
  • 100% Fees must be submitted to secure a seat in any of the programs
  • IICA reserves the right to change any menu/menu item without prior notice
  • Classes missed shall not be repeated

For more query kindly visit our website or follow us on instagram @ iicadelhi or talk to our counsellors at 8447728601 /Email - , Monday- Sunday at 0930 am till 6pm

How do I become hobby chef?

Our institute provides short term courses, which will surely help you to gain knowledge regarding Hobby chef world cuisine and bakery.

I want to learn bakery only for hobby. Would part-time suit me?

You are right. Weekend or Part-Time course is meant for people who want to learn it for hobby or for working professionals who do not have time to pursue our Full-Time Course.

How much does it cost?

It will cost you Rs.18000/- for the complete program or Rs.3400/- for two classes or Rs.2000/- per class.  All fees are subject to 18% GST.

I do not know anything about food or baking. Can I take admission?

Absolutely. We expect our students to be raw with no knowledge of food/ baking. We start from the basic and no prior knowledge in food or Baking is required.

How many students are there in one batch?

We enrol minimum 5 students for the hobby chef program. Maximum it can be 7 or 10. It’s totally hands on experience for all the students.

When is the best time to join?

Usually every 30 days we start a new hobby chef bakery program but it’s a cyclic mode you can start this program any time.

What all do we learn in this program?

Hobby chef bakery program provides you wide range of bakery and pastry hands-on experience. You will learn various modules of bakery like Cakes and pastry, breads, Tea time snacks, party snacks, and advance and plated dessert.

Does hobby chef program has any professional value?

It will give you understanding of basic learning. You can make food for your friends and family. But it doesn’t have any professional value.

Do you provide eggless baking in hobby chef?

We will give you substitutes and alternative for the selected recipes so that you can try it home. Only 30-40% recipes have substitutes.

Can I arrange classes as per my requirement?

You can take customise classes if you have anything specific things to learn. It’s a private one on one class.

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