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Bakery & pastry program november to february-2023

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All cheque(s) to be made in favor of Datta Hospitality Management Support Services Pvt. Ltd

All fees are subject to 18% GST

100% fees must be submitted to secure a seat in any of the programs

Fees are non-refundable

IICA reserves the right to change any menu/ menu item without prior notice

All students are required to carry one apron & two kitchen dusters with them during any class

Classes missed shall not be repeated

Minimum number of students required to start the program is 5

02:30 PM to 05:30 PM
Full Program Fees

Half Program Fees
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Viennoiserie basket

Lamination of croissant dough pancakes and waffles.

21 Nov 2022

Croissant, pain au chocolate, cruffin and Danish.

23 Nov 2022


Whole wheat bread, burger bun and Bombay pav bun.

25 Nov 2022

Panini bread, Multi seeds bagel, Rye bread

28 Nov 2022

Italian ciabatta with black olive feta cheese, hazelnut twist bread and sugar brioche.

30 Nov 2022

fougasse bread, gluten free pumpkin and flax seed loaf, bread sticks

02 Dec 2022

Tarts and pies

Making of sweet crust, chocolate caramel tart and lemon tart

05 Dec 2022

Exotic peach mascarpone frangipani pie, apple pie and honey walnut pie.

07 Dec 2022

Hazelnut cream filled choux buns, chocolate éclairs and Paris Brest.

09 Dec 2022


Green peas and potato stuff puff, mushroom and corn roulade.

12 Dec 2022

Preparation of short crust dough: exotic vegetable quiche and cottage cheese bell-pepper pie

14 Dec 2022

Cheese and corn stuff mini buns, mini masala bread, savory muffin

16 Dec 2022

Gift hamper product

Tempering chocolate, Molded & handmade chocolates

19 Dec 2022

Stolen bread ,ginger bread cookie

21 Dec 2022

Chocolate pretzel , chocolate & tutty fruity stick

23 Dec 2022

Cakes & gateaux

Plum cake, Yule log

26 Dec 2022

Walnut and caramel tart & praline gateaux

28 Dec 2022

Coconut sponge, fresh pineapple comport, pine colada cake.

30 Dec 2022


Fougasse bread, French baguette, olive ciabatta

02 Jan 2023

Cheese and garlic pull apart bread, chocolate brioche

04 Jan 2023

Pesto Panini, masala roll, ensaymada bun.

06 Jan 2023

Advance Desserts

White chocolate chilled cheesecake, Raspberry bavarois.

09 Jan 2023

Choux pastry dough , chocolate éclairs , churros

11 Jan 2023

Crème brulee , bake yoghurt , chocolate trio mousse in jar

13 Jan 2023

Cookies & Tea time

White chocolate and rose Petal brownie, banana and cinnamon tea cake and raspberry muffin

16 Jan 2023

Crinkle cookie, chocolate Madeline, sticky toffee pudding

18 Jan 2023


Raspberry citron cremoux, chocolate mousse platted, mirror glaze

20 Jan 2023

Crème caramel, apple charlotte with vanilla sauce

23 Jan 2023

Boulangeries 1

Making of Danish pastry dough , doughnut and Berliner

25 Jan 2023

Croissant, pain au chocolate, cronut.

27 Jan 2023

Cakes & Pastries

making of almond sponge, coffee jelly, chocolate butter cream, opera gateaux

30 Jan 2023

Making of vanilla sponge cake, Swiss roll and coffee hazelnut roulade

01 Feb 2023

Valentine’s day special

Red velvet heart shape cake, red velvet cup cake.

03 Feb 2023

Tempering of chocolates, making of assorted varieties

06 Feb 2023

Soft chocolates
Jasmine tea, crunchy coconut and butter scotch.

08 Feb 2023

Heart shape strawberry ispahan, strawberry pavlova

10 Feb 2023

02:30 PM to 05:30 PM

Full Program Fee48600
Half Program Fees 30000
Single Class Fee2000

Note or Terms

Rs.48600/-for complete Program (36 classes)
Rs. 18,000/- for the one Month program(12 classes)
Rs.10, 000/-for Half Program(6 classes)
Rs. 2000/- for any one class

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