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Tea time

Banana and walnut cake, carrot cake, salted jeera cookies

01 Jul 2019

Oats and raisin cookies, strawberry Madeline, coconut tarts.

03 Jul 2019


Vienna bread, herb ciabatta, multigrain loaf.

05 Jul 2019

Sesame lavash bread, honey, and sesame bagel bread, cinnamon and raisin brioche.

08 Jul 2019

Advance and Plated Desserts

Black forest roulade, Millionaire sort cake slice

10 Jul 2019

Traditional Coffee opera, duo of chocolate mousse

12 Jul 2019

Hazelnut Chocolate macaroons, milk chocolate mousse dome with hazelnut praline and shiny chocolate glaze.

15 Jul 2019

Garnishing and platting of all the deserts

17 Jul 2019

Sweet and Savory

Salted caramel choc tart, spinach and corn quiche, apple crumble tart.

19 Jul 2019

Vegetable puff, ratatouille strudel, cinnamon palmiers

22 Jul 2019


Chocolate and Nougatine cake, New York baked cheesecake

24 Jul 2019

Traditional pineapple cake, mango mousse cake.

26 Jul 2019

Full Program Fee
Single Module Fee3400
Single Class Fee2000

Note or Terms

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