Young Chef Program, Gurugram – May, 2019

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Are you concerned about your kid's addiction to their smartphones? That they are turning into couch-potatoes in front of the TV 24x7? Then, the IICA YOUNG CHEF PROGRAM is made for you and your kids.

The IICA YOUNG CHEF PROGRAM helps your kids in:

  • Building Confidence
  • Becoming more Focus
  • Building Team Work
  • Realise Potential in Culinary Arts

Let your children take part in an experience of a lifetime with our LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY CHEFS, and learn their way around the kitchen.

Plus, this might be of great benefit to you in the long run!

Hands-On Classes / Certification On Completion / Take What You Make Home / Printed Recipes Provided

10:30 am till 1:30 pm
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Easy Cheese Snacks

Potato cheese balls, Mac n Cheese, Thousand Island sauce. "Activity - Personal Hygiene of Food Handler"

21 May 2019


Mango Cup-Cake, Gems & Nougatine Cup-Cakes, Brownie Cake Pops. "Activity - Importance of Food Safety"

23 May 2019

Pizza Lovers

Homemade Pizza Dough, Pizza Sauce, Margherita Pizza, Farmhouse pizza. "Activity - WHAT is WHAT????"

25 May 2019

Summer Coolers

Brownie Shake, Mango & Mint Smoothie, Berry & Cherry Shake. "Activity - Peas & Straws Game Find me Out."

28 May 2019

All Time Favourite

Chicken Popcorns, Honey mustard dip, Veggie Quinoa Bites. "Activity - Peas & Straws Game Find me Out."

30 May 2019

Birthday Special

A ‘Mom & Me’ special, where mothers can join the class and help their child learn their first birthday cake –Seasonal Exotic Fruit Cake. (3 hr. class). "Activity - Peas & Straws Game Find me Out."

01 Jun 2019

10:30 am till 1:30 pm

Full Program Fee7000
Single Module Fee1600
Single Class Fee1600

Note or Terms


Rs. 7000/- for the complete program Rs.1600/- per class

Timings: 10:30am till 1:30pm, Hands On Classes

Avail Special Offers on Group Classes   * GST 18% Applicable

Recommended for an age group students from 7to 16 years


 ·         Hands-on classes

·         Certificate of course completion

·         Take what you make ‘Home’

·         Printed Recipes provided at the beginning of the class

Please Note:


Allfeesaresubjectto15%ServiceTax100%feesmustbesubmittedtosecureaseatinanyoftheprograms Feesisnon-refundableIICAreservestherighttochangeanymenu/menuitemwithoutpriornotice



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