Be on the Lookout For these Top Five Food Trends 2019

Be on the Lookout For these Top Five Food Trends 2019 14 Jun 2019

Be on the Lookout For these Top Five Food Trends 2019

The concept of food trends in India may seem superfluous to many. Food is food, and nothing is really new in the true sense of the term. However, boarding the food trends 2019 train can certainly bring in a variation in your everyday diet. Trying out new things and to keep your meals healthy can also be fun and interesting.

Do bear in mind that culinary arts is something that is evolving with every passing day. What might be a popular staple in another culture or possibly even centuries ago, may seem completely new to you.

Regardless of, if you are eating out or cooking at home, food culture has become an integral part of the metrosexual India in the past few years. While the culinary trends may dictate you to Instagram turmeric lattes and all things fermented, let’s be on the lookout for the what’s going to get us excited over the next twelve months.

Here are the top five food trends of 2019:

Try Organic Chicken for their Flavour

The ordinary broiler chicken is subjected to antibiotics that we consume at home is poles apart from organic and free range chicken that has access to open air runs. With more and more people in the metros becoming concerned about their health, 2019 will see many people turning towards free range and organic chicken for not just their flavor alone, but also for environmental and ethical reasons. Taste both types of chicken together and feel the difference.

Patisseries are the Next Big Thing

Goodbye doughnuts, and welcome patisseries! 2019 will bring in the trend of the delicate French deliciousness – madeleines, macarons, flans patissier and mille feuille. A famous food critic said, “We eat with our eyes, so our most eye-catching desserts are our most popular. French-style patisserie is very visual and there is a trend towards more stylish desserts." Therefore, mainstream bakeries in India are opening up their menus to authentic patisseries that the urban Indian can enjoy.

Seafood is King

India has never seen so many of its chefs championing India’s abundant and amazing seafood. With western influences, Indian chefs are turning towards integrating them in order to develop modern Indian delicacies that in 2019 will see attain the respect that they deserve. Exotic mussels, clams and oysters will feature on the fine dining menus of the top restaurants in India.

Jackfruit is the New go-to Meat Substitute

According to a report by Whole Foods, “Jackfruit is a popular meat alternative already being used in place of items like barbecue pulled pork.” In 2019, with the fruit’s availability in India, South Asia and Southeast Asia, many Indians who are prone to a vegan or vegetarian diet will turn to jackfruit as a meat substitute due to its stringy texture that mimics pulled pork.

“Jackfruit is a good source of iron, calcium, and B vitamins, and using it as a replacement for meat helps you cut calories and saturated fat from your diet. However, it should be noted that jackfruit has a much lower protein content compared to meat, at 2.8 grams per serving versus around 21 grams, as well as 31 grams of sugar per cup, sliced,” says the Whole Food report.

Baking your own Bread

Pinterest’s 100 top trends for 2019 states, “Bread baking is on the rise, especially when it comes to fermented loaves like sourdough.” Food trends in 2019 predicts that more people are going to opt for home cooking and baking your own bread is going to feature as a top culinary experience amongst other things.

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