Making of a chef at IICA

Making of a chef at IICA 11 Aug 2020

The hospitality industry is changing its face and the way business is going to be carried out. Some experts believe that restaurants & hotels alike will become an ‘ultra’ luxury service due to the social distancing norms, whilst other experts also believe that the demand for personalized and individual services such as bringing a chef home or ‘dark kitchens' will increase.

The uncertainty of the near future has not and shall not impact the ambitions and dreams of millions of aspiring chefs in India & overseas; and therefore whilst there is a certain slow-down in the momentum however the demand of professional chefs and courses for aspiring chefs are growing day by day.

We have witnessed some of the most demanding times in the last 50 days of a nationwide lockdown and this has given rise to a wide range of expectations within the restrictions we are all living through. Amongst many, the demand for virtual learning has been one of the top expectations, as aspiring chefs and students have established that life must not and cannot come to a complete halt.

Therefore after researching and exploring the most effective methods available; IICA introduced online education for its students who are pursuing full time professional courses at IICA as well as the hobby chef enthusiasts.

These online classes were a combination of practical demonstrations, virtual & interactive theory sessions. Visiting chef masterclasses have proven to exponentially increase the interest levels of the students and their knowledge in the art & science of culinary arts.

Taking lead from the success of these sessions, the institute has launched online hobby chef classes as well which have  interactive Q & A to respond to all your queries; which is attracting students from all over.

Acknowledging the need for providing a secure and safe environment at the workplace and thus inspire confidence in our students and faculty, we have also developed a new set of STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE to be implemented at our campus in Delhi & Gurgaon that will ensure social distancing and ensure hygienic work environments.

In our Prime Minister’s words, ensure “ JAAN BHI - JAHAN BHI. It feels good when you know, “ we have done something”

Stray safe- Stay strong.

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