Best Institute for Courses to Become a Chef

Best Institute for Courses to Become a Chef 20 Jul 2021

Being a chef is a great career, and you’ll need some courses to be a chef. The better the quality of the course the better the chef you will be. Being a chef is all about being passionate about creating outstanding cuisine. Some people were just born to be chefs, and have a strong desire to create the finest of cuisines. For those people, there are professional courses offered by IICA which stands for International Institute of Culinary Arts. We have shared more information in this post below here related to the various courses available and the benefits for you with Chef IICA.

What Courses Does Chef IICA Offer?

The courses that are offered by Chef IICA are globally recognized, which is extremely important for serious career-oriented chefs. Chef IICA has been accredited by the World Association of Chef Societies, and as a result, it is internationally acclaimed. This is a very important point to consider when choosing the institute you’re planning to study to become a chef from. There are 2 important points to keep in mind when making your decision. The quality of education you will receive, and the reputation of the Institute that you are studying from. There are a number of courses that fall under the categories of ‘Culinary Programs’ and ‘Bakery and Patisserie Programs’.

The diploma course durations are all from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 2 years of full-time training. The number of students per batch is 18, and the training program involves theoretical classes as well as practical classes. Taking the current Covid19 situation into consideration, the classes follow the Delhi Government Guidelines and Social Distancing Norms that require to be followed. The skills taught include learning French Cuisine and Classic European Cuisine in the first year, followed by bakery/patisserie skills and Global Cuisine in the following 2 years.

Diploma in Professional Patisserie & Confectionary Skills by Chef IICA

For those who aspire to one day be a top-of-the-line and renowned chef, a thorough and good education and training is a must. Whether you are looking for diploma courses to become a chef or a pastry chef course to become a master pastry chef, you need to learn from the best to be the best. Because Chefiica is internationally acclaimed and recognized by the World Association of Chef Societies, and is very well known and trusted by all the leading hotel industry brand names, the students of Chefiica get an excellent start to their careers.

The founder of IICA, Mr. Virender S Dutta has over 50 years of professional experience working in the Hospitality Industry, within which time he has acquired a lifetime of knowledge and skills. IICA (Indian Institute of Culinary Arts) is considered to be one of the leading Chef training institutes in India, and its certifications are valid anywhere in the world. It is associated/recognized by all the leading Hospitality brand names. Considering pursuing a professional chef diploma course from IICA Delhi is a very wise choice for those who desire to rise to the top of their chosen specialization in the Culinary Arts.

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