The Day & Age of the Modern Cloud Kitchen

The Day & Age of the Modern Cloud Kitchen 11 Jul 2023

From booking cabs to ordering your next Smartphone; the internet has shown no limits when it comes to offering convenience. In a day & age where for over 18 months, the entire world has seen a paradigm shift in the way we work, play and even communicate with loved ones; eating has been no exception to this change.

Though the concept of being free from exceeding high overheads and being able to deliver high-quality gourmet food to Customers a home has been there for many years now, the pandemic has accelerated this phenomenon. As per data provided by Statista (Source:, the cloud kitchen industry is expected to grow at a 12% CAGR or $2 Billion (Source: which will overtake the expected growth at which conventional restaurants were expected to grow pre-covid.

A cloud kitchen is known to have more benefits than challenges, which are Being further promoted by aggregators such as Zomato & Swiggy which are now being Competed by large hotels and restaurant chains also developing their own digital infrastructure to cater to this growing market.

Benefits of Starting a Cloud Kitchen / Bakery

  • Low Setup & Operational Cost: Remove the overheads of a conventional kitchen, fancy interiors, heavy manpower costs, and heavy marketing costs and you have a cloud kitchen.
  • Scalability: Something everyone entrepreneur is keen to look at is how can he/she expand when the time is right, and with this model, all you need to do is bigger equipment, proportionate addition in manpower and you’re ready.
  • Flexibility in the Menu being Offered: Gone are the days when a restaurant needed to print menus; with cloud kitchens, chefs can write and rewrite menus to suit the needs of the guest. Moving forward, there is no doubt that cloud kitchens are here to stay, the question is how far will chefs and restaurateurs go to reduce the gap between dine-in and home delivered.

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