Interview with Mr. Arjun Datta (COO - IICA )

Interview with Mr. Arjun Datta (COO - IICA ) 11 Oct 2019

Mr. Arjun Datta is the Chief Operating Officer of International Institute of Culinary Arts. He completed his education in Hospitality Business Management from Manchester. He specialises in Business Development, Strategic Management & Corporate Affairs and has many awards in his name. 

In an exclusive interview with Kanika, he shares his views on hospitality and culinary education in India. Along with this, he talked about his college aim, how he managed his students and revealed his leadership style. Without further ado, let’s see his interview. 

Leaders are the change makers of the society

Leaders are- by definition- change makers. When you are asked to lead, you are called to advance, move forward and improve the situation. In my opinion, leadership is not a constant process, but it varies from person to person and situation to situation.

According to me, a good leader is someone who is aware of where to lead i.e. from the front or the back. The most challenging thing about leading is to involve the team in decision making, ensuring that there is no matter of conflict and to see the set-goals are met within the defined time span.

The success of a college is measured with where the alumni are placed!

Our strategy is very simple; all we say is “We teach you to learn”. We have a unique way to market the courses offered at IICA i.e. through our alumni. They are the live examples of where the student can be placed after they complete their studies and what a course can do for an aspiring chef.
This does not only help us do the marketing of our courses but also provides our students with a chance to have contacts in the industry even before they start their studies.

We provide industry-friendly education to our students

With tremendous effort, industry support and desire to excel, International Institute of Culinary Arts (IICA, New Delhi) has been successful in bridging the gap between culinary institutes in other parts of the world closer to India.
Indeed, I feel this is the USP of IICA; that we are a research-driven and industry-linked culinary institute. 

Having said that, I believe that knowing about the industry trends and fundamentals of discipline is crucial. We should also not forget that industrial need and demand of industry-ready individual is gradually increasing. Thus, we keep abreast with the same by attending international conferences, exchange programs with other institutes/colleges.

If changes do not happen, things do not grow

Like every other field, education has also seen many changes. I feel, over the last 15 years, students have become more aware of what they aspire to become. They are no longer confused about their future, and they shape their path for a better future accordingly. This change in students’ approach has changed the teaching style of many colleges too. So, overall, a lot has changed in a short period of time.

100% Placement Record is our Greatest Strength

"We can proudly say that “This is our Strength!”

Our most prominent quality is that we are an engaged organization, where the attention on culinary expressions is the prime goal. Ever wondered what that one thing a student desires after completing their graduation is? It is placement in top companies and in here, we provide our students with 100% placement support. We, as a team, work together to give our most precious gems the best placements that are available. 

Recognize your capabilities and then choose your career wisely

Every year the Hospitality industry is growing. The demand for qualified and dynamic chefs is growing at a rapid pace. Hence, we make it our mission to train and groom the chefs of tomorrow with global standards. 

My advice to the youth is that, if they are keen to join this industry and make a career in it, then they will have to recognize their capabilities. If they are hard-working and loves to travel, food is their passion, and they believe in hospitality; then this is the industry for them.

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