Industry's Expectations from Young Chefs

Industry 03 Dec 2019

The culinary industry is not just a business. People consider food as a piece of art and the delicacies served are the masterpieces of the chefs. Moreover, over the past years, it has emerged as an integral part of the identity of every culture. The credit goes to the chefs who work and deliver excellence and deliciousness to the masses. Adding to the cadre are the young chefs who are required to continue the legacy of furnishing supremacy. 

Let’s have a look at the elements which a young chef is expected to subsume and deliver in the culinary world.  

Self-driven but patient

The task of a chef is not as easy as it seems. The tough and long hours test one’s capability and capacity of bequeathing lusciousness into the dishes. A young chef needs to be self-driven, motivated and confident. Above all, patience is the master key. Any entrant into the culinary industry who has all these will never fail to surprise others with the delicacies. 

One needs to possess the to-do attitude and patiently create and upgrade their skills, dishes and career. 

A watch and learn attitude

Neither a young chef can have the complete knowledge of the industry at once nor become an expert instantly. The path to excellence requires learning and then growing. 

Learning to be a great chef is a process that persists long after you graduate from any culinary institution. Every young chef is expected to have the patience to watch, analyse and learn from the surroundings and guides. A perfect blend of time, dedication and learning leads to it. Make the most of every opportunity and learn to learn.

Continuous learner

Cooking is a science as well as an art. Just as scientists and artists, who keep themselves updated with the latest advancements, the chefs are required to be updated with the changes and modifications in the culinary world. 
It is an ever-changing industry and experiences multitudes of changes in no time. That is what a young chef is expected to do. Only a continuous learner who can adapt to the changes and situations can gain expertise and success. 

Knowledge of the Quintessential

Fundamental concepts are a must in every aspect of the world. Likewise, every entrant should at least have the basic knowledge of the culinary industry. The knowledge of basics could be the perfect blend of spices, the creativity in the presentation or the power to cook with an unexpected blend of ingredients. 

Quick, appreciative and creative

The culinary world requires a young chef to be quick but creative. Quick because there’s always a lot going on in the kitchen at once and creative because cooking is an art and it needs to have creativity in it. 

Also, a young chef who is appreciative and respectful of others gets the same in return. Never forget that every person in the kitchen has something to teach you. 

Culinary learning at IICA

Mr. Virender Datta, the iconic chef at IICA is the one who started it all. His strong will and vision has led to the creation of a world standard culinary institute right in the heart of Delhi NCR. IICA has one of the most rigorous and intensive curriculums which ensures that students imbibe the theoretical knowledge and most importantly get ample hands-on time in the kitchen.

As testimony to these high standards IICA is accredited and approved by globally renowned qualification awarding bodies including the World Associations of Chef Societies (WACS), City&Guilds-UK, Edexcel-UK and The Indian 
Culinary Forum.

In case you are looking to be a part of the promising culinary industry, do reach out to IICA’s counsellors. They will help you select the right course and set you on the path to success.

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