IICA's COO Arjun Datta in Conversation with Chef Andy Chapman

IICA 12 Nov 2019

An Inside Look At India's Culinary Scene, and What it Means for U.S. Chefs and Producers

About Chef Andy Chapman - Andy Chapman is an "eatie" not a "foodie." In 2009, while working as a business marketing consultant, Andy discovered his passion for enjoying and sharing good food.

Andy sits down with a special guest half the world away, Arjun Datta, COO of the International Institute of Culinary Arts in New Delhi, India.

At the top of the episode, Arjun shares how he has been intricately tied to the history behind the IICA, and how the institute's success has been bolstered by their focus on building deep industry partnerships.

Andy and Arjun discuss the changes in the culinary profession in India, and why the changes are now helping attract some of the brightest minds to the industry...even drawing talent away from their previous professions.

Arjun goes on to break down the most important principles that any great chef must master and how at the Institute they instill the importance of sourcing better ingredients from local farmers.

Plus, both Andy and Arjun break down some of the distinct challenges and growing demand that exists for U.S. farmers and producers to begin exporting high-quality ingredients to be used in India's maturing culinary scene.

This is a must-hear-interview for chefs and educators hungry to learn how chefs across the world are developing their skills, and for farmers brainstorming innovative ways to grow their business globally. 

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