A Study in Leadership

A Study in Leadership 12 Nov 2019

The business of Culinary Arts is all about discipline. Perhaps the same discipline that is imparted in the armed forces all over the world. We must understand that Culinary must not be confused with mere cooking, in fact cooking, as we know it to be is only a part of the total culinary process.

Just like a winning army works on an agreed line of command, so does a successful kitchen. Like the army chain of command, running down the ranks of different levels, a kitchen too has an identical pattern. Better the discipline, better the delivery to the customers. Better the brand appreciation, better the revenue.

At IICA, led by the vision of celebrated Chef Virender Singh Datta, we strive to instil this very sense of discipline that makes our students stand out and achieve success over their peer groups from other institutions. Today, members of IICA alumni are successfully employed in kitchens world over while many of them are profitably running their own businesses.

At IICA, we add value to your learning process. Come and meet out counsellors. Join our Open House sessions. Take a considered decision. The decision to make a career shift which will take you to unassailable heights.   

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