A Catalyst is Born

A Catalyst is Born 12 Nov 2019

At the time of India’s independence, the policy makers had envisaged the growth of the hospitality industry and they had taen the initiative to set up Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition in New Delhi,  what is now called the Pusa Institute.

While the Pusa Institute churned out some of the best known names in the Indian hospitality and culinary industry, some even reaching across the globe, the world of tourism and travel also grew by leaps and bounds. With the growth of tourism and changes in life style grew hotel chains, resorts, restuarants and Indian cuisine also started making its mark abroad.

One of the earliest products of Pusa, Virender Singh Datta who had the distinction of being a successful Chef and a Hotelier had a vision of his own. At the time of his retirement, spotting culinary arts as a major career opportunity he decided to share his experience and knowledge with the current generation, who were looking for a career fit that would give them name, fame and money.

In the olden days, an assignment abroad for many meant a job in the ships, by late ninetees, it was the IT industry but Indian chefs were working in large numbers on foreign soils. What was perhaps lacking was the facility to impart internally acceeptable training  and discipline programme.

This was International Institute of Culinary Arts was born in 2005 in New Delhi’s happening place, Village Hauz Khas.

Over the last 14 years IICA has been the platform for the churning of hundreds of such qualified chefs many of whom are either working abroad, heading the kitchens of 5 star restuarants and some with entrepreunal drive have gone on to open their own patisseries and eateries.

IICA have played their role as a catalyst for the change. The change which has opened up a new road to a youngster’s carer path. We look forward to your visit to our institute and feel the experience.

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