Hospitality professional – why it is a preferred career option

Hospitality professional – why it is a preferred career option 04 Apr 2023

Everyone wants to be happy in life and different people define itdifferently.Sometime we feel it just happens by luck and we have nocontrol on it and at times, we say “ one day I shall be happy ”.

The real challenge is how to find that cliché answer “I am alwayshappy” and different people have defined happiness differently

  • Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from yourown actions. –Dalai Lama
  • Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. – EleanorRoosevelt
  • Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it. –Bernard Meltzer
  • Happiness does not come from doing easy work but fromthe afterglow of satisfaction that comes after theachievement of a difficult task that demanded ourbest. – Theodore Isaac Rubin

In conclusion, we can sum up the definition of happiness astotal sum of:

  • It comes from our own actions
  • It is a by product
  • It is the joy of sharing it
  • It is an afterglow of satisfaction
  • Now, where can we find all these diverse factors in one place?

    After serving all these years in Hotel Industry, I am fully convinced thatthere is no place better than Hospitality industry where one can find Totalhappiness.

    Let’s look at some of the factor that contribute to our attaining happiness,once we choose Hospitality as our career option

    • Work environment: Generally Air conditioned work place in a verycomfortable settings where hygiene and sanitation is a priority Ourindustry is by nature an industry of leisure and pleasure hence thesework conditions are a pre requisite.
    • Happy patrons: People visit Hotels or restaurant when they arehappy and in a celebration mood. Hence there is a generalenvironment of happiness while you are catering to them.Till date, I have not seen an angry customer walk in to a restaurantfor a meal with his friends or family,
    • Healthy customers: Only healthy people come to dine out. Whensick or not up to it, they stay home or in a hospital. Hence, in yourwork place you meet happy and healthy people who are out to enjoythemselves and, in the process, create positivity around them.
    • Successful people: Hotel and restaurant are frequented by thosewho can afford it and hence they better be financially successful inwhatever they are doing. Successful people are traditionally anembodiment of disciplined life backed up by good habits ( read The7 habits of highly successful people by Stephen Covey) that makethem what they are.
    • Rewards: Healthy, happy and successful people are generallygenerous in recognising and rewarding the people who areinstrumental in effectively responding to their happiness and makethem happier. Rewards need not be monetary but even a gesture ofthankfulness makes you feel well rewarded for your efforts and whichis generally instantaneous.
    • Global outlook&Global work opportunities: Since we serve globalcustomers, hospitality industry is one of the key industries thatfollows global standards in customer satisfaction. Hence our trainingin hospitality Institutes subscribes to global norms, making theinstitute graduates, globally employable.
    • High salaries and perquisites: Hospitality industry is the biggestemployer in any country and hence there is general shortage oftrained and experienced manpower, especially if one has Hand onskills like being a  Chef- culinary Arts.
    • 8) Indian chefs on cruise liners: 33% of manpower in the kitchen of acruise liners are Indians. This job is a guaranteed opportunity to seethe world at a very early age and also get paid international salaries,with all on board expenses paid for and hence saving galore.
    • Chefs: This is one job position that is always on short supply. Beinga skill-oriented job, it does take little time (5-6 years) to get therightful place in the kitchen brigade. But once you are there, sky isthe limit with global job opportunities of your choice.
    • Entrepreneurial opportunities: being a chef, offers ampleopportunities to be an entrepreneur, once you have acquiredspecialised skills in any cuisine. Chefs in partnership with investorshave created some of the best-known restaurant, world over.
    • Indian Government recognitions: Chefs have been chosen by Indiangovernment for recognition with some of the highest national awardsat par with some of the best know professions / occupations in thecountry.

Having spent over 60 years in this noble profession that has offered menumerous opportunities to work in countries of my choice in USA,Europe, Middle east etc. I have now turned a successful entrepreneurby opening a  culinary Institute, post my retirement at the age of 60years.

I cannot think of better option of a career for a young and aspiringperson who wants to travel the world, work in best of places,rubshoulders with celebrities and then get well paid to be an entrepreneurat a timing of my choice.

Virender Singh Datta(Batch of 1965, IHM PUSA)
24 th February 2023

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